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Listed below are doughnuts demonstrated in The Advanced Doughnut Training Course.

yeast glazed donut

Traditional Yeast glazed Doughnuts

Cinnamon Roll Doughnuts

cinnamon roll donuts

Doughnut Bismarcks 

donut Bismarcks

Open-Faced Cherry And Apple Turnover Doughnuts. Also Shown Are Pull-A-Part Mini Turnovers.

open-faced cherry and apple turnovers (1)
cinnamon roll donuts

Cinnamon Roll Doughnuts

apple fritters and mini-fritters

Apple Fritters And Mini-Fritter Doughnuts

Texas Doughnuts

Texas donut (1)

Christmas  Doughnut Canes

Xmas donut canes
Assorted cake donuts
buttermilk bar
double chocolate cake donut

Toffee peanut chocolate cake doughnuts

Buttermilk bar cake doughnuts

Toffee peanut cake doughnut
White iced red velvet cake doughnuts
Apple cider cake doughnuts

Red Velvet Cake Doughnuts

Apple Cider Cake Doughnuts

Assorted buttermilk cake doughnuts


Listed below are doughnuts demonstrated in The Advanced Doughnut Training Course.

marbled chocolate white raised cinnamon twist

The Marbled Chocolate & Whites Yeast Cinnamon Twist

Cinnamon Twist Doughnut

Chocolate Marbled Yeast Doughnut    

chocolate marbled yeast donut
mocha donut (1)

The Mocha Doughnut

Bear Claw Doughnuts With French Filling

bear claw donut

Maple And Chocolate Bar Doughnuts

Maple bars and chocolate bars
honey bun donuts

Honey Bun Doughnuts

Lemon, Cherry And German Doughnuts

lemon, cherry and German donuts! (1)
Large rosette donuts
Pumkin yeast donuts
blueberry and traditional crumb cake donuts.
Cinnamon Twists
double roasted coconut doughnuts
Plain cake doughnut

Plain cake doughnut

Double Roasted Coconut doughnuts


Pumpkin Cake Doughnuts

Blueberry crumb Cake Doughnuts

The Marbled - Chocolate and white chocolate cake doughnuts
blueberry cake doughnut

Blueberry cake doughnuts

The Marbled

Chocolate with white chocolate

Do You Know?

Donuts are the second most profitable food item in the nation, second only to the potato!

The cost to prepare and finish a donut is approximately 12 cents!


The doughnut business is one of those rare businesses with a universal customer base.



verticle rule
verticle rule

My name is Edward Chastain and I am a master donut maker with 2+ decades experience in the doughnut business.

I have personally tested dozens of Internet donut recipes for ingredient consistency in my donut shop (out of pure curiosity). Friends, not all donut recipes are created equal!

Most Internet donut recipes are theory based, untested recipes producing poor end-products that taste like bread and result in a complete waste of time in the kitchen— unlike my expert donut recipes that are used everyday in my donut business.

Please take a moment and sign up below for your free Expert Donut Recipes as well as donut recipe related articles ("I believe you will love them"). You will receive my favorite donut recipes that are tested, proven and used in my donut shop everyday. In fact, sign up to my donut time newsletter and I will share a Old-fashion cake donut recipe to WOW your family and customers for years to come but that is not all I will share...

I will give you trade secrets passed down to me from old time bakers of yesteryear; such as donut recipe calculations and formulas never before shared. 

And there's more.....

You will receive donut recipes such as my 3 milk buttermilk cake donut recipe, pumpkin cake donut recipe, and an apple cider cake donut recipe that is simply delicious and a great winter treat. In addition to donut recipes, I even share a number of donut formulas with donut calculations and donut business information. After all, I’m an expert donut maker and I'm hopeful that I can instill my passion for donut making upon you in its entirety.

Keep reading: Below is your first Expert Donut Recipe Lesson and then go capture the donut recipes.

The traditionalist bakers and donut makers of yesteryear (the ones from whom I learned) would not appreciate me giving away trade secrets. That's the way it is with bakers--they made everything from scratch and guarded the recipes well! This is going to make a lot of people reappraise those donut recipes they acquired from the Net. While a net recipe can often be an effective introductory tool, some things can only be learned from a experienced donut maker.
Here's the first donut recipe lesson. Would a gourmet chef prepare a chicken soup with no chicken stock? Of course not. So, what's the number one reason most donut recipes produce lousy yeast donuts? They don't add "stock." And what would stock be for raised donuts? Brew.
Brew is heavily yeasted dough that has reached peak fermentation activity and then is refrigerated for 24 hours before baked. Brew dramatically improves flavor for all raised donuts. (Why are they called "raised donuts"? Yeast!) Brew will dramatically improve flavor, reduce preparation times, and consistently lead to quality yeast raised donuts.
Generally, I like to put aside about three to five pounds of brew (Less for the homemaker) in a plastic bag and refrigerate for about 30 minutes after mixing is complete. The next day, when you're ready to bake, you "activate" your brew. Here's how:

Use a container (a five-gallon bucket works great) and place in it the previous day's brew. You can also place the brew on a rolling table and cover it in plastic wrap. About an hour later, the exposure to room temperature air will have activated the yeast in the dough. Cut the brew into 4-by-4 inch cubes and incorporate into your general yeast donut dough.
So there you have it! The next time you make yeast donuts be creative and always look at the finished product and wonder if you could have done it any better or sweeter. Have fun in the shop, and enjoy listening to your customers. They will always appreciate your hard work by buying your donuts.

Not All Doughnut Recipes Are Created Equal!




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