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Watch the video testimonials from the below donut shop owners.

• Unlimited assistance with doughnut business questions, concerns to get the business up and running.

Business Model Development. Consultation and expert advice to create a custom business plan based on your location/city and desire for future expansion. This includes both start up models and expansion models, which will integrate seamlessly. The donut industry is unique in that there are many proven and successful business models and we will work with you to develop a business model to match your wants and needs, designed to take the market by storm!

Develop the donut line. The custom donut line will be based on the business model with attention to our clients business needs.

• Prepare and submit recommended donut line for approval.

This is critical in order to determine the below primary and secondary small ware list of equipment's needed . This also ensures you do not spend any more money than necessary. 

• Research and prepare primary doughnut equipment list needed for medium production shop, based on donut production, location budget and based on the above recommended donut line.
All equipment recommended and found will be referred directly to client and no commissions on equipment will be received by me. This will save you thousands.

• Prepare donut shop secondary small ware list of equipment to acquire and/or compare equipment’s. The small ware list will consist of the small ware items needed to finish the donuts and/or complement your kitchen with attention to production of donuts.

All small ware  recommended and found will be referred directly to client and no commissions on equipment will be received by me.

• Research and acquire local doughnut equipment resources/outlets and alternatives.

• Research and acquire free equipment's i.e., coffee brewers, cappuccino machine and refrigeration units.

• Prepare excel spread sheet with clickable url links to directly acquire all equipment or comparable equipment's.

• Submit the above to client for approval.

• Draw kitchen floor plan with attention to work flow of recommended donut equipment. Include all power requirements for equipment's i.e ovens, fryers, mixers etc., to be forwarded to client’s architect.

This will ensure proper work flow of equipment and save your architect researching power requirements needed for the contractors.

• Prepare and submit ingredient list based on recommended donut line and suppliers needed based on recommended donut line.

I will work directly with ingredient suppliers to ensure all ingredients needed to make the recommend donut line are ordered and delivered correctly.

Start a donut business with the below advise. Advise on the donut business model and development proven to start a donut business.

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Donut Business Library. Includes all of my 13 donut business products and 3-hours coaching & consultation.

Turnkey Donut Business Solutions.

The Doughnut Business Library (175 x 175 px)
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