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Listed below are doughnuts demonstrated in The Advanced Doughnut Training Course.

yeast glazed donut

Traditional Yeast glazed Doughnuts

Cinnamon Roll Doughnuts

cinnamon roll donuts

Doughnut Bismarcks 

donut Bismarcks

Open-Faced Cherry And Apple Turnover Doughnuts. Also Shown Are Pull-A-Part Mini Turnovers.

open-faced cherry and apple turnovers (1)
cinnamon roll donuts

Cinnamon Roll Doughnuts

apple fritters and mini-fritters

Apple Fritters And Mini-Fritter Doughnuts

Texas Doughnuts

Texas donut (1)

Christmas  Doughnut Canes

Xmas donut canes
Assorted cake donuts
buttermilk bar
double chocolate cake donut

Toffee peanut chocolate cake doughnuts

Buttermilk bar cake doughnuts

Toffee peanut cake doughnut
White iced red velvet cake doughnuts
Apple cider cake doughnuts

Red Velvet Cake Doughnuts

Apple Cider Cake Doughnuts

Assorted buttermilk cake doughnuts


verticle rule
verticle rule

Listed below are doughnuts demonstrated in The Advanced Doughnut Training Course.

marbled chocolate white raised cinnamon twist

The Marbled Chocolate & Whites Yeast Cinnamon Twist

Cinnamon Twist Doughnut

Chocolate Marbled Yeast Doughnut    

chocolate marbled yeast donut
mocha donut (1)

The Mocha Doughnut

Bear Claw Doughnuts With French Filling

bear claw donut

Maple And Chocolate Bar Doughnuts

Maple bars and chocolate bars
honey bun donuts

Honey Bun Doughnuts

Lemon, Cherry And German Doughnuts

lemon, cherry and German donuts! (1)
Large rosette donuts
Pumkin yeast donuts
blueberry and traditional crumb cake donuts.
Cinnamon Twists
double roasted coconut doughnuts
Plain cake doughnut

Plain cake doughnut

Double Roasted Coconut doughnuts


Pumpkin Cake Doughnuts

Blueberry crumb Cake Doughnuts

The Marbled - Chocolate and white chocolate cake doughnuts
blueberry cake doughnut

Blueberry cake doughnuts

The Marbled

Chocolate with white chocolate

Do You Know?

Donuts are the second most profitable food item in the nation, second only to the potato!

The cost to prepare and finish a donut is approximately 12 cents!


The doughnut business is one of those rare businesses with a universal customer base.


Onsite Doughnut Business Consultation & Training


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Expert donut training course
donut shop business plan
donut business start-up guide book
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about us
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Expert donut training course
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Yes that's correct! Open your doughnut business with confidence! 

I can be present at your location from "start to finish" and through the grand opening of your doughnut business to ensure a quality end-product is in place.

Listed below are but a few of the donut business and donut franchises I have consulted for. This could be your new doughnut business!

Donut Business 1
Donut business 2
Donut business 4
Donut franchise
donut zone 3
Made to order donut business

Onsite Doughnut Consultation & Training

If you desire doughnut business consultation to start;

1. Traditional retail donut business
2. Gourmet donut business
3. Doughnut wholesale & delivery
3. Mobile doughnut business
4. Made-to-order doughnut business

I can formulate and create a complete yeast, cake and French doughnut line from scratch based on 2+ decades in the doughnut industry. 

I can train you or your staff one-on-one at your location. We will create a beautiful doughnut line second to none, based on, traditional, unique and lost to history doughnuts. A doughnut line guaranteed to separate your doughnut business from the rest...

I also can implement specialty doughnut lines to complement the above doughnut line with gourmet doughnuts, donut sticks for kids and fanatic doughnuts based on state and local sporting events. Character or theme based and/or holiday doughnuts too! 

I can implement the above doughnut line for you and train you in traditional doughnut making methods, however, if you desire weird, crazy, gothic, deranged, strange or simply just whacked doughnuts? I have the skills to make it happen! 


But that's not all I offer, not even close!

I can assist you with complete consultation services i.e ingredient suppliers, recommended equipment & resources & pricing, drawing the floor plan for setup and layout of equipment and on-site doughnut training at your location:

Turnkey Solution

Part 1.) 50 Hour Consultation Service.
Part 2.) Onsite Doughnut Training:


Part 1.) 50 hour consultation service:

2 year unlimited assistance with doughnut business questions, concerns in addition to the 50 hours of "Start-up" (Part 1) to get the business up and running.

Prepare and submit recommended donut line for approval.
This is critical in order to determine the below primary and secondary small ware list of equipment's needed . This also ensures you do not spend any more money than necessary. 

Research and prepare primary doughnut equipment list needed for medium production shop, based on donut production, location budget and based on the above recommended donut line.
All equipment recommended and found will be referred directly to client and no commissions on equipment will be received by me. This will save you thousands.

Prepare donut shop secondary small ware list of equipment to acquire and/or compare equipment’s. The small ware list will consist of the small ware items needed to finish the donuts and/or complement your kitchen with attention to production of donuts.

All small ware  recommended and found will be referred directly to client and no commissions on equipment will be received by me. This will save you thousands.

Research and acquire local doughnut equipment resources/outlets and alternatives.

Research and acquire free equipment's i.e., coffee brewers, cappuccino machine and refrigeration units.

Prepare excel spread sheet with clickable url links to directly acquire all equipment or comparable equipment's.

Submit the above to client for approval.

Draw kitchen floor plan with attention to work flow of recommended donut equipment. Include all power requirements for equipment's i.e ovens, fryers, mixers etc., to be forwarded to client’s architect.

This will ensure proper work flow of equipment and save your architect researching power requirements needed for the contractors.

Prepare and submit ingredient list based on recommended donut line and suppliers needed based on recommended donut line.

I will work directly with ingredient suppliers to ensure all ingredients needed to make the recommend donut line are ordered and delivered correctly.

Part 2.) 12 Days Onsite Donut Training at Your Location (2 days travel time included):
The 10 days onsite donut training covers complete donut making methods. I will train you and/or your staff in order to make a professional donut line second to none. The training consists of yeast, cake and French cruller donuts made by scratch and then converted into a donut premix based on dehydrated ingrediants needed for private labeling. The French donuts are made utilizing the copper kettle (One-in-one thousand bakers know how-to-do this). .

Also included in the training is utilizing the copper kettle needed to make authentic French donuts by scratch. The copper kettle training is necessary to make donut fillings & creme's i.e raspberry filling, blueberry filling. Bavarian creme filling, mocha Bavarian cream filling, lemon filling, specialty fillings based on donut line and/or anything you want to complete, finish and complement the donut line.!

Also included in the training is donut glaze and drizzle making methods i.e vanilla donut glaze, classic donut glaze, flavored glazes with and without fruit, caramel glaze and specialty glazes and/or anything you want!
Also included in the training is donut topping training and finishing based on the recommended donut line to include my secret toppings and fillings i.e french filling & whipped fillings.
All recipes, calculations and formulas will be provided at the end-of the training session.



Please contact me utilizing the contact form below to disuse your plan of action to enter the doughnut business




advanced donut training course