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Essentially, I am going to teach you a new trade.

The 12 day donut making training is designed to take you from donut zero-experience to donut hero. Once you complete the training program you will be able to walk into a commercial kitchen and prepare a professional made-from-scratch donut line – second to none!

I will teach you or your staff A Master Donut Line designed to be adaptable to any market or service. A donut line consisting of traditional, gourmet, and specialty donuts based on yeast, cake, and French donut batters and doughs.

Donut doughs and batters that have been tested and perfected to consistently make superior high end quality donuts by scratch. We also teach you how-to easily convert the scratch made donut recipes into donut premixes with ease. The donut training will be based on efficiency in donut production with attention to consistent high quality end donut products, made in volume.

You will learn the skillset needed to handle any and all donut wholesale orders knowing that you can utilize speed frying techniques and speed icing methods to produce 50 or 1000 maple bars with confidence.

Once you complete the training program you will not be beholden to any ingredient company or salesman or consultant for you will be professionally trained to make all donuts, icings, glazes, fillings, and in-house custom donut premixes. All made from scratch based on time tested and perfected donut formulas.

The Master Donut Line is designed to be adaptable to meet a variety of donut business models. This gives you the ability to monetize your donut business by selling donuts at – Retail. Wholesale. Festivals.
After learning how to make the Master Donut Line you will have the skills needed to prepare any donut variety or flavor of icing, glaze, filling that you can imagine!

The Master Donut Line with your Customized Donuts will define your business as the best donut shop for years to come - based on:

•Traditional Donuts
•Gourmet Donuts
•Specialty Donuts
•Theme Based Donuts
•French Donuts
•Fun Donuts for the Kids

After our onsite training you will have the skills and the donut line needed to take the donut business by storm. Please refer to our Master Donut Line below and the list of all Master Formulas/Recipe that will be provided upon completion of your training.

Copper Kettle Training
Let’s face it – you can make the best donut in the world, however, if that donut is filled with premade donut fillings, it’s just another donut…

There is a solution –

Part of the donut training program will include Advanced Copper Kettle Training.
•Blueberry Donut Filling
•Lemon Curd Donut Filling
•Bavarian Cream – Vanilla, Chocolate, and Banana
•Raspberry Donut Filling
•Blackberry Donut Filling
•Homemade Caramel
•French Donuts From Scratch
•And so much more…

Only one in one thousand bakers know how to make French Donuts professionally and in volume. You will be one of the bakers who knows how. I will show you how to convert all donut fillings made with the Copper Kettle into drizzles needed to finish specialty donuts.

Also - tips, tricks, and caramelization techniques…

Custom Flour Blending
In-house custom blended donut premixes. Yes, that is correct! Part of the donut training is dedicated to custom flour/ingredient/inclusion blending in order to convert our Master Donut Formulas into in-house custom premixes that will protect your recipes and increase efficiency.

We will be utilizing an auto-sifter to blend the Master Donut Recipes into in-house custom donut premixes in batches of 50 lbs. prepared once a week.

The only difference between my scratch made donut recipes and the custom blended donut premixes is – raw egg is incorporated with scratch made donuts and dehydrated egg is used for the in-house donut premixes. On a side note: finding the perfect ratio was not an easy task to achieve.

This custom flour/ingredient/inclusion custom blending training will give you the ability to:
•Blend donut premixes to protect your Master Recipes from employees
•Create private label premixes for resale
•Increase donut production
•Eliminates your reliance on commercializes donut premixes and ingredient representatives

As you can see – I leave no donut un-turned to ensure you are successful in every aspect upon opening your donut business.

Coffee, Sandwiches, and Sidelines
Sandwiches? The yeast donut dough recipe doubles to make a tender sandwich roll when prepared using a modified technique. I will show you how once we are working in the kitchen.

When I am on-site training you. I will also teach you how-to make;

  • Yeast donut bread for sandwiches
  • Ice cream yeast donut sandwiches
  • Donut ice cream cones
  • Sweet rolls and Pershing
  • Espresso coffee drinks 

And so much more at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE!

Summary of the Donut Training
It is critical you learn the advanced fundamentals of donut making in order to be independent from ingredient companies and sales representatives pushing premixes and premade donut fillings into your business.
By learning to make the Master Donut Line you will always have creative control and be able to handle any donut production that may arise.

You will then have the skillset needed to make any donut or glaze, icings, and fillings imaginable!!!
Once onsite I am going to teach you how to make French filling for bearclaws and cinnamon rolls. Plus, lemon curd filling for lemon pershings as well as raspberry and blackberry pershings for the non donut people.

I will show you how to make theme based and event donuts utilizing edible 2” fondant rounds and edible ink to match any event i.e. motorcycle run (print image of motorcycle), classic car show, Christmas donuts. Just imaging the donut wholesale possibilities for:

•Christmas Donuts
•Birthday Donuts
•Congratulations Donuts
•Anniversary Donuts
•Holiday Donuts

It starts with hiring a consultant such as myself who has opened over 24 donut and donut related businesses over the past 25 years. I have personally worked in over 35 donut kitchens.The overall goal of the training is to ensure a successful donut business. In order to achieve this, it is critical to monetize donuts, coffee, barista drinks, and custom services meant to take the market by storm!

I will use my experience to assist you in any way possible long after the initial consultation ends.

All donut formulas and recipes will be provided at the end of the onsite training and provided to you on Excel. The Excel program you will receive is programed to automatically scale all donut, icings, glazes, fillings, toppings, formulas, and recipes to your desired poundage needed for the night’s bake.

After completing the training, you will receive all Master Recipes on excel for:

  • Custom Donut Line on excel
  • Master Donut Line excel
  • Master Donut icings, specialty icings, glazes, specialty glazes, fillings, creams, jellies and topping (Excel).
  • Donut making protocol manual based on master donut line
  • Donut shop operational manual
  • Onsite DVD donut training video based on our training at your location.

This includes all recipes for from scratch donuts, icings, specialty icings and glazes, drizzles, and toppings. These are my most guarded recipes.

You will also receive a Donut Making Operational Manual based on the onsite training and the Master Donut Line. This step by step Manual will walk you through multitasking yeast, cake, and French donuts on a nightly basis. 

The Manuals can be used to train employees, ensuring a consistent end product and efficient operation.
No other consultant can offer you Advanced Donut Training, so complete you will have the confidence to exponentially expand your business immediately.


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Expert Hands-On Donut Making Training

Listed below are the master recipes you will receive upon completion of hands-on donut making training program (Excel)

All the below recipes are needed to make the master donut line (Listed below)


1. Master yeast donut recipe

2. Master French “cruller” recipe / with video

3. Master cake donut recipe (3 milk vanilla buttermilk cake donut)

4. Master blueberry cake donut recipe

5. Master red velvet cake donut recipe

6. Master lemon cake donut recipe

7. Master chocolate cake donut recipe

8. Master old fashion plain cake donut recipe

9. Master buttermilk bar recipe


Donut Icings/Glazes and Drizzles

All the below recipes are made in batches of 50 LBS however provided in Excel format that can be scaled to any poundage automatically.


1. Vanilla Icing    

2. Vanilla glaze    

3. Chocolate icing    

4. Chocolate glaze     

5. Maple icing    

6. Maple glaze    

7. Brown Butter Donut Glaze (For Old Fashion Donuts) 

8. Blueberry glaze

9. Blueberry drizzle     

10. Caramel drizzle    

11. Caramel Glaze  

12. Pumpkin Glaze 

13. Strawberry icing 

14. Strawberry drizzle

15. Pineapple glaze    

16. Orange glaze   

17. Lemon Glaze

18. Lemon icing

19. Cherry icing

20. Peanut Butter drizzle

21.  Maraschino drizzle

22.  Raspberry drizzle

23.  Blackberry drizzle 

Specialty Icings/Glazes


1. Bubblegum flavored icing (Big league cake donut)    

2. Lime icing (Sour patch cake donut)    

3. Creamed soda icing (Cookie monster donut)    

4. Mint Icing    

5. Cotton candy

6. Brown butter glaze (For old fashion donuts)      


Doughnut fillings/Jellies/Toppings/Creams


1. Bavarian Cream donut filling    

2. Banana Bavarian cream filling    

3. Chocolate Bavarian cream filling    

4. Coffee Bavarian cream filling

5. Strawberry Bavarian cream filling

6. Pineapple Bavarian cream filling

7. Custard cream filling    

8. Buttercream filling  

9. Buttercream Mocha filling 

10. Buttercream frosting

11. Lemon curd filling    

12. Blackberry jelly filling    

13. Raspberry jelly cream filling    

14. Blueberry jelly filling   

15. Strawberry pie filling

16. Pineapple pie filling

17. French filling (Top secret)    

18. SWISS Meringue Topping    

19. Peanut butter / chocolate double whipped filling (TOP SECRET)    

20. Creamed cheese icing recipe    

21. Sugar crystal and sea salt recipe (For the caramel glaze yeast donuts)    


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                                                        The Master Donut Line

Watch the video testimonials from the below donut shop owners.

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