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Listed below are doughnuts demonstrated in The Advanced Doughnut Training Course.

yeast glazed donut
marbled chocolate white raised cinnamon twist

Traditional Yeast glazed Doughnuts

The Marbled Chocolate & Whites Yeast Cinnamon Twist

Cinnamon Roll Doughnuts

cinnamon roll donuts

Cinnamon Twist Doughnut

Chocolate Marbled Yeast Doughnut    

chocolate marbled yeast donut

Doughnut Bismarcks 

donut Bismarcks


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mocha donut (1)

The Mocha Doughnut

Open-Faced Cherry And Apple Turnover Doughnuts. Also Shown Are Pull-A-Part Mini Turnovers.

open-faced cherry and apple turnovers (1)

Bear Claw Doughnuts With French Filling

bear claw donut

Maple And Chocolate Bar Doughnuts

Maple bars and chocolate bars
cinnamon roll donuts

Cinnamon Roll Doughnuts

apple fritters and mini-fritters

Apple Fritters And Mini-Fritter Doughnuts

honey bun donuts

Honey Bun Doughnuts

Lemon, Cherry And German Doughnuts

lemon, cherry and German donuts! (1)

Texas Doughnuts

Texas donut (1)

Christmas  Doughnut Canes

Large rosette donuts
Xmas donut canes
Pumkin yeast donuts
Assorted cake donuts
blueberry and traditional crumb cake donuts.
buttermilk bar
double chocolate cake donut
Cinnamon Twists
double roasted coconut doughnuts
Plain cake doughnut

Plain cake doughnut

Double Roasted Coconut doughnuts

Toffee peanut chocolate cake doughnuts

Buttermilk bar cake doughnuts


Pumpkin Cake Doughnuts

Blueberry crumb Cake Doughnuts

Toffee peanut cake doughnut
The Marbled - Chocolate and white chocolate cake doughnuts
White iced red velvet cake doughnuts
blueberry cake doughnut
Apple cider cake doughnuts

Blueberry cake doughnuts

The Marbled

Chocolate with white chocolate

Red Velvet Cake Doughnuts

Apple Cider Cake Doughnuts

Assorted buttermilk cake doughnuts

New donut business

The Advanced Doughnut Training


Business Course

Do You Know?

Donuts are the second most profitable food item in the nation, second only to the potato!

The cost to prepare and finish a donut is approximately 12 cents!


The doughnut business is one of those rare businesses with a universal customer base.



Here at you will find comprehensive solutions to start a doughnut business. Solutions ranging from expert doughnut training tutorials found on DVD, doughnut business books & turn-key solutions whereby I provide on-site doughnut training at your location.

Course Materials Updated For 2016

We utilize doughnut recipes that are non-theory based, tested & proven to make superior yeast, cake & French doughnuts by scratch producing a finished end-product that is second to none!

Join me in the doughnut shop as I walk you through the doughnut making process, step-by-step. You will feel you are working with me side-by-side while we create a yeast, cake & French doughnut line, second to none!

cake and yeast doughnut training course

Learn how to make 40 plus authentic yeast, cake and for the first time EVER “French doughnuts by scratch utilizing traditional copper kettle doughnut making methods”.

My name is Lester Chastain and my brother and I (Edward) have a combined 3 decades experience in the doughnut business. Our program will be your guide to starting a wildly successful doughnut business.



Listed below are doughnuts demonstrated in The Advanced Doughnut Training Course.

What does the course consist of and what can it do for you? 

At a glance...


This can be found on a two-disc, four-hour, step-by-step doughnut making training course DVD. Complete information listed below.

The one hour French doughnut training course via instant download will teach traditional doughnut making methods utilizing the copper kettle and complents the above yeast & cake doughnut  training course. Complete information listed below.

Expert Yeast & Cake Doughnut Training


Expert French “Cruller” Doughnut Training


Doughnut Business Formula Bounded Book

The doughnut business formula book consists of 500 pages of information derived from 3 plus decades in the business. The book also contains the donut recipes demonstrated in the above doughnut training courses and complements the above courses. Complete information listed below.


Doughnut business start-up guide ebook

The doughnut business start-up guide book complements the above doughnut business formula book. I wrote this book out of pure demand from hundreds of emails requesting information pertaining to site selection, lease negotiation and so much more. Complete information listed below.


Doughnut Shop Formula Business Plan

A doughnut/coffee shop business plan I use to achieve financing. Complete information listed below.


Espresso Business Formula

The espresso business formula ebook consists of 220 pages of actionable information to brand my best coffee drinks with doughnuts in order to up-sale and cross-sale espresso drinks with doughnuts and so much more. Complete information listed below.  


The Proof & Bake Club Support Forum

The proof and bake club is my vision to bring bakers together of any skill level from around the globe; by providing a private members only community within a "dynamic" communication web site. Doughnut Course Members of the club can connect and network with bakery owners, expert bakers and hobbyist bakers from around the globe, with LIVE streaming video chat, forum!


In addition to the above. Consultation services with me includes 3 hours personal consultation to address any questions and/or concerns.

The advanced donut training business course consists of all my doughnut training DVDS, videos and business books and 3 hours personal one-on-one consultation with me.

Consultation services


Expert Yeast & Cake Doughnut Training


Learn A Professional doughnut Line, Taught By An Expert!

In the DVD instructional I demonstrate my most guarded doughnut making methods, providing instruction on how to make traditional, unique, and even lost-to-history doughnuts, fillings, and toppings (like my special chocolate and white raised cinnamon twist, which, in my shop, outsells every other doughnut I have.).

advanced donut making course_edited-2

Everything is covered — from raw ingredients, to batching your doughnut brew, to mixing, floor time, fermentation, loafing, doughnut making methods & techniques, proofing, frying, finishing, icing, and decorating.

expert doughnut training


I will teach you how-to-make a doughnut line second to none!

donut bullets

Over 2 Hours Of Making Doughnuts On The Bakers Table By Scratch.

donut bullet
donut bullet

Over 45 Minutes Of Complete Doughnut Finishing, Icing And Decorating And Topping

Over 35 Minutes Of Complete Equipment Training And Trouble Shooting With Belshaw Doughnut Making Equipment

Doughnuts Demonstrated In The Advanced Doughnut Training Course

cake and yeast donuts
french donut recipe


french  2 (1)

When made by scratch utilizing the copper kettle your customers will feel as if transported back in time and discover decadent perfection. A melt in your mouth, light as air doughnut guaranteed to distinguish your business and please repeat customers for years to come.

  • Instantly increase sales
  • The ideal product to cross sale and up sale coffee and barista drinks
  • The ideal gourmet doughnut line to complement gourmet coffee & barista drinks
  • The ideal product to cross sale and up sale coffee and barista drinks
  • The ideal product to sale at festivals, carnivals, special EVENTS and flea markets
  • Gain the competitive edge with traditional glazed, blueberry, cherry, maple and chocolate French doughnuts

Maximize YOUR Profits
French Doughnut Training By Scratch
(75+ year old recipe shared for the first time EVER)


Doughnut Business Formula Bounded Book


Also found are expert doughnut recipes.

Simple Yeast Donut Recipe -Page 187
Pumpkin Cake Donut Recipe -Page 192
Apple Cider Donut Recipe -Page 194
Buttermilk Cake Donut Recipe -Page 196
Cake donut trouble shooting with Belshaw type B donut dispenser- Page 197
Chocolate Cinnamon Cake Donut -Page 197
Blueberry cake donuts -Page 198
French Donut Recipe From Scratch -Page 198
Donut Puff Recipe -Page 199
Baked Yeast Donuts -Page 200
Basic Sweet Rolls Recipe -Page 201
Baked Cake Donut Recipe -Gluten & Vegan Free Recipe - Page 202
Basic Sweet Roll Recipe - Page 203
Common ingredients for donut icings and glazes and why. - Page 203
Donut Icings, Glazes and Whipped Fillings- Page 204
Traditional Donut Glaze -Page 204
White Donut Icing -Page 205
Vanilla Butter Cream Filling -Page 205
Maple Icing -Page 206
Chocolate Icing -Page 206
Mocha Cream Filling -Page 207
Cherry & Blueberry Icings -Page 207
Secret Donut Toppings & Fillings- Page 208
Toffee/Peanut Donut Crumb -Page 208
French Filling -Page 208
Vanilla Sugar -Page 208


The Doughnut Business Formula bounded book complements the advanced doughnut training course found on DVDS and answers important questions to help you start and operate a successful business making and selling doughnuts.

Important note:
The above is only a fraction of the content found in the table of chapters from my new book doughnut business formula. The book is 242 pages, double printed on both sides (Almost 500 individual pages). I encourage you to review the complete table of chapters. Thank you!

Chapter 1.) Beginning Doughnut Recipes
Chapter 2.) Advanced Yeast & Cake Doughnut Making Methods and Techniques
Chapter 3.) Seventy-Five Most Popular Questions Pertaining To the Doughnut Business
Chapter 4.) Doughnut Business (Past and Present)
Chapter 5.) Doughnut Wholesale Business
Chapter 6.) Learn How-to Start a Profitable Mobile Doughnut Concession Business
Chapter 7.) Identifying the Ideal Doughnut Shop Location
Chapter 8.) Marketing the Doughnut Business
Chapter 9.) Acquiring Free Media for the Grand Opening of your Doughnut Business
Chapter 10.)
Acquire Free Bakery Related Equipment


Doughnut business start-up guide ebook

(Newly Released 2016)

donut business start up guide book

To complement the advanced doughnut training course. You also will receive my new 38 page ebook Doughnut Business Start-up Formula. A complete start-up business guide book I wrote based on real world experience in the doughnut industry:


Expert French “Cruller” Doughnut Training


Doughnut Shop Formula Business Plan

brown1-bullet-026sLease negotiation from A to Z

brown1-bullet-026sSample lease negotiation

brown1-bullet-026sLetter of intent to lease

brown1-bullet-026sBuying an established or failing shop

brown1-bullet-026sSite selection


brown1-bullet-026sBusiness Plan Development

The above information is completely separate from the doughnut business formula bounded book. This Ebook alone is priceless!!!

Donut shop business plan book

 Doughnut Shop Business Plan Formula

Table Of Contents:


Donut Business plan table of chapters


Espresso Business Formula

As you can see... The doughnut shop business plan formula package is carefully crafted by someone who has been there! You will NOT be disappointed!

espresoo businessss book small

With over 2 decades in the doughnut business I have gained an incredible amount of knowledge about espresso drinks and the “business” part. This eBook directly complements the doughnut business course.

My new 190 page Ebook Espresso Business Formula will clarify:


Learn Coffee Bean Storage, Grinding & Brewing


Picking a roaster

espresso boiok

The appropriate coffee beans to use in making espresso and cappuccino's and more...

The table of chapters listed below will express the importance of the espresso business formula eBook.


The proof and bake club is my vision to bring bakers together of any skill level from around the globe; by providing a private members only community within a "dynamic" communication web site. Doughnut Course Members of the club can connect and network with bakery owners, expert bakers and hobbyist bakers from around the globe, with LIVE streaming video chat, forum!
The proof and bake club represents a community of like minded people-whereby you can ask baking and doughnut business related questions, answered by experts for a recipe too success!


The Proof & Bake Club Support Forum

There is no point in providing all of the above information without consultation to address any questions or concerns.  You are not alone on your journey to enter the doughnut business.

Together we will establish what "part" of the doughnut business you will enter and be successful in. This will be based on, regional location, prospective business location, foot traffic, vehicular traffic and competition. In addition, collectively determine what the community wants and needs are to separate your business, from the rest. Yes that's correct! Derived from the above, we determine what part of the doughnut business works best for you!

We will disuse your plan of action and viable options, hone in, and then execute a plan of action to enter the doughnut business. All of which will be based on expanding and monetizing the doughnut business.

In addition to the above. Consultation services with me includes advice on;

brown1-bullet-026s (1)Doughnut Business Questions And Concerns

brown1-bullet-026s (1)What Doughnut Line To Implement

brown1-bullet-026s (1)Monetizing The Doughnut Business

brown1-bullet-026s (1)Assistance with site location

brown1-bullet-026s (1)Acquiring Contractual Doughnut Wholesale Accounts

brown1-bullet-026s (1)Ingredient checklists' with recommended Ingredient suppliers

brown1-bullet-026s (1)Doughnut Equipment needed, recommended pricing and assistance acquiring said equipment

Doughnut Business Consultation Package2

3 hours personal one-on-one consultation with me.


In honesty, I know that there is true business opportunity in doughnuts! If you’re interested in learning complete doughnut making methods and techniques and the “business” part of it all. The advanced doughnut training & business course represents doughnut making at its best!

The course includes all of the above information, provided to you by the most experienced independent consultant in the industry. And, as stated, doughnut recipe email consultation with me are included in the program. What’s the cost? Less than the price of a couple of tables and chairs for your new doughnut/bakery shop.

You’re investing in your future and you’re paying for knowledge derived from three decades of proven experience.

The choice is yours: Waste weeks or months in "research" and thousands of dollars on mistakes, or get ALL the above information in this program right now, Today!


The above is not all you will learn… Not even close…

1. Learn how-to brand doughnuts with coffee espresso drinks and consistently triple individual sales.
2. Learn how-to dominate the local doughnut & coffee barista market and take the local market by storm (Your competitors will not know how-to combat you!).
3. Learn how-to monetize the doughnut business through daily contractual accounts.
4. Learn how-to instantly increase sales on demand (It's easy if you know how).
5. Save fortune when purchasing the RIGHT doughnut equipment for the right job!
6. Learn how-to acquire the perfect doughnut business location and create a doughnut making machine!



No Risk Guarantee with ABSOLUTELY NO EXCLUSIONS for 90 days! If for ANY REASON you are not 100% satisfied with your ADVANCED  DOUGHNUT TRAINING COURSE , I will promptly refund your money with NO QUESTIONS ASKED! This offer lasts for a full 90 days.


is a secure online retailer for thousands of suppliers on the Internet. When you're ready to make a purchase, you are seamlessly connected to secure online transaction system to complete your order. For your convenience, we accept credit card and PayPal payments.


All books and doughnut training videos are

   Doughnut business books and dvds are instant download



Product Description

When you place a order for my donut training DVD/books.

You will immediately receive a email confirmation of your order with complete instructions to access on-line donut training materials



You will receive the advanced doughnut training course found on  DVDS & Book (Doughnut business formula)  delivered to your door step in 5-7 business days + instant access.

Item 299992

Doughnut Business Consultation Package1advanced donut making course_edited-2

  • The Advanced Doughnut Training Course (4 Hour, DVD-2 Disc Set).
  • The Doughnut Business Formula Bounded Book (242 Pages).
  • Doughnut Business Start-up Formula
  • 1 Year Free Access To The Proof And Bake Club Support Forum.
  • 3 Hours Of Expert Doughnut Business Consultation. The Consultation Package Includes Telephone, Email And Video Chat. (Learn more)
  • Industry specific doughnut shop business plan formula ebook.
  • Espresso business formula ebook.
  • French doughnut training video course






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Expert donut training course

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Expert donut training course
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advanced donut making course_edited-2
advanced donut training course